Vision-Aid Online Academy

Vision-Aid is a non-profit organization, with a mission to enable, educate and
empower the Vision Impaired to enable them live independently and with dignity.

This Vision-Aid Online Academy Portal offers Various Courses online to enable
skill development in the Vision Impaired and help them secure good employment opportunities.

About Vision-Aid

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Courses Offered

Mobile Technology

To introduce the vision impaired to the Mobility, Safety and Learning features available on the Android Smart Phone platform

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Life Skills

Engaging and interactive workshops for holistic personal and professional development

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Open for Enrollment

Enhancing Low Vision

To understand the causes and effects of visual impairments, and low vision conditions; to carry out the functional assessment, and intervention.

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Open For Enrollment

Certificate Course in Computer Applications (CCA)

Introduction to computers, computer applications, and access technologies for the visually impaired

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Coming Soon

Diploma In Computer Applications (DCA)

Computer Applications: MS Office, Internet, and Special Software Applications

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Introductory Course in Computer Applications (ICA)

Covers all Basics of Computer Applications I 8 weeks Intensive Course I Theory and Practicals

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