You will find amazing articles about or written by Partners, Doctors, Entrepreneurs, Scholars, and Specialists across the globe in various fields who have worked amongst those with visual impairments

Sankra Nethralaya

The concepts of Nethralaya are unique. Describing it as a “Privatized public sector” would be apt. But perhaps the best description of Sankara Nethralaya would be the “Physical perception of a Divine will”.

Vision-Aid has found in Sankra Netralaya a Partner which has transformed 1000’s of people through various activities.

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Sankra Nethralaya Patient Care

LV Prasad Eye Institute

LVPEI’s mission is to provide equitable and quality eye care to all sections of society.

Vision-Aid and LV Prasad Eye Institute has recently formed a partnership in the field of vision impairment and innovation

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LV Prasad Eye Institute – About Us

Dr. Shroff’s Chartiable Eye Hospital

Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital is one of the best speciality eye hospitals in North India, with highly accomplished and internationally recognised team of doctors, state of the art facilities and updated technology

Vision-Aid and SCEH have formed partnerships to provide those with visual impairment access to Education

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Dr. Shroff’s Charitable Eye Hospital – About Us

Voluntary Health Service

Dr. K. S. Sanjivi, whom many consider as “the father of the primary health care movement in India” was a doyen of the medical profession, a renowned physician and respected teacher – was a visionary who took up the challenge of improving the health care of the underprivileged by conceptualising, starting, and nurturing the Voluntary Health Services (VHS). Dr Sanjivi brought about a major change, by visualising preventive, promotive, rehabilitative and curative care as a continuum of care model.

Vision-Aid and VHS have a partnership that brings medical services to those with visual impairments at an affordable price.

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Voluntary Health Service – About Us